“The creations of Anthony Moorhouse are the product and result of years of meticulous study and research and profound insight into the nature of the Tailor’s craft, his ancestors having been in the trade since the 14th. Century, the earliest record being Roger de Moorhouse in 1360. Initially training in Art and Design– which gives Anthony’s work the colour attention of a Renaissance Master – he went on to specialize in fashion design train as a designer, at one point working for the Queen’s Milliner, Philip Sommerville. Also a trained Herbalist and Aromatherapist, the vibrant life of the plant world can be seen working its way through all of his creations, enhancing and raising the visual finishes to a new height.

Anthony Moorhouse’s designs are based on natural principles of organic form; flowing water, passing clouds and waves upon a shore, rising and falling. These inspirations complement and enhance the invariably natural materials he uses; silks, velvets, linens, cottons and traditional Yorkshire tweeds. He combines this sure and competent knowledge of material with additions that enhance the cloth, such as machine and free-hand embroidery, beading and wire work, as well as the appropriate inclusion of feathers, flowers, leaves and the occasional reflecting surface. His latest collection, "Hair black as ebony, skin white as snow, lips red as blood..." was inspired by Snow White and Victorian timetravellers, in sumptuous black velvet, red satin and white cotton.  He has shown work at the prestigious Pond Gallery at Snape Maltings in Suffolk in his hugely successful show 'From the corner of my eye...'.

Anthony Moorhouse draws on many sources for inspiration in his designs. Whether creating a Dior or Chanel inspired frock or coat, a Mediaeval kirtle or Greek shift, a Victorian Gentleman’s three-piece suit or a Celtic wedding gown, he weaves a subtle hint of magic into everything he creates. He is inspired by Dreams and Mythology, Ancient and Mediaeval History, Faerie Tales, Legends and Tales of Yore. He reinvents the classic tales of gods and heroes, goddesses and maidens, nymphs, fauns, satyrs and dryads and weaves these in and between the threads of his creations. Dragons breathe fire across the midnight sky of an ultramarine shawl, whilst Ravens call across a moonlit night on the shoulders of an embroidered ball gown. Silvery Hares skip in circles on the silky cover of an evening bag and Swifts wheel and turn over the crown of a broad-brimmed hat destined to be displayed at Ascot or Glyndebourne.

Sometimes described as “living works of art”, Anthony’s creations have in the past and today continue to challenge the boundaries between reality and fantasy, the possible and the imagined. All are creations of inspired brilliance, combining the natural and the supernatural, the practical and the elegant, all a product of the traditional tailor’s craft, functionality and shining, colourful aesthetics”. 

His work has gained the term Artisan Couturier as only one of each design is ever made.

Anthony creates in his studio in Suffolk and sells from his shop Sacred Earth in Upper Orwell street, Ipswich.